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Project Fi introduces their own version of an unlimited plan

Project Fi introduces their own version of an unlimited plan 


Bill Protection? sounds like something out of a history book but actually it’s Project Fi’s more attractive plan to heavy data users. The MVNO has launched this plan that will cap your $10 per GB data bill at $60 a month, whilst allowing you to use as much data as you want, basically creating its own version of an unlimited data plan. 

Prior to this plan, Project Fi users were charged $10 per GB no matter how much data they used, which could become quite expensive for binge watchers and heavy data users. This works out great for users that are almost always near a Wi-Fi network, but not so much if you use a wealth of cellular data. However, the Bill Protection plan will help take some weight off the user’s shoulders. Google says users who use up to 15GB of data per month won’t experience any slowness or throttling, but if they cross that point, they will “experience slower data” with speeds going down to 256kbps. Google says less than 1% of its users pass that mark. If you don’t want to be inconvenienced by the slow data once you hit that 15 GB threshold, Google says you can pay the usual $10 per GB and get back up to speed. For users of Project Fi’s group plan, Bill protection will dish out at different usage levels, depending on the size of your gang. 

Project Fi will now put a lid on your total monthly bill at a certain amount, based on how many people are on your plan. If you have one person, your bill caps out at $80 per month. Then it goes up to $135 for two people, $170 for three, $205 for four, $240 for five, and $275 for six. 
With Bill Protection, Project Fi is once again competitive enough to deal with major carriers, but there are still some downsides. The lack of devices available is still a major setback. The only real choices are the Pixels and the Android One Moto X4, considering the Nexus 6 is old and the 5X/6P suffer from major hardware problems. Hopefully Google will continue to expand Fi's midrange deals, and maybe offer some lower end devices, like the Moto E4 Plus.

Everything else with Project Fi’s plan will stay the same. If you use less data, you’ll still pay less mula. Bill Protection will work on data only plans and when you’re traveling internationally. Project Fi says the update will start kicking into individual & group plans today, and current users will see the changes on their next billing cycle.

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