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OmniROM custom rom release their Android 8.1 Builds

OmniROM custom rom release their Android 8.1 Builds

Android Oreo

OmniRom was a huge deal during the release of KitKat and Jellybeans days. They came big with some amazing features but slowly they scaled back project and keeping support for just a few devices. Custom roms fans would be glad to know that they have released weekly builds for Android 8.1 Oreo beating Lineage OS and others big names in the Android custom roms world.

Some amazing features of OmniRom are OmniSwitch, advanced reboot, dual-column settings, Active Display, Flick2Wake and Pick2Wake. Omni-Rom like any other custom rom lets you customize your phone to the max. You can customize the rotation modes, behavior of the hardware buttons, assign different actions for long pressing the Home and Recent button. With the latest Android Oreo, system wide theming has become more compatible and stable using Overlay Manager Service.


We should talk a little more about OmniSwitch as it was what made Omni-Rom famous and loved by the Android Community. OmniSwitch is basically an app switcher, to launch it you just have to swipe from a blue hotspot to towards the center, something like you would do for Pie in ParanoidAndroid. OmniSwitch and Pie are very different in the way of their usage so there is no comparison. You can configure apps, buttons and features like memory usage and ram availability.

Being an amazing rom and one of the first one to have stable release for Android 8.1 Oreo there are a few drawbacks. One of the huge drawback of every custom rom is reduced camera quality. This is because the camera in the custom roms do not have all the drivers available to have perfect post-processing and give amazing camera pictures. If you are one for who having good quality photos is very important then we wouldn’t recommend installing custom roms.

The currecnt support list of the rom for Android 8.1 Oreo is Oneplus 3, Oneplus 3T, Oneplus 5, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The list is quite small but the developers have promised to add more devices soon. As the rule in every custom rom, don’t ask for ETAs. If you have a supported device check out OmniRoms website here to download and flash the latest version of Android 8.1 Oreo.


Please only flash custom rom if you know what you are doing. Google the device you have for a tutorial on how to flash custom roms. ONLY install the rom for your particular variant and model or you might hard brick you phone. Flashing is at your own risk.

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