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OxygenOS Open Beta Android 8 Oreo Available for OnePlus 5T

OxygenOS Open Beta Build Android 8 Oreo for OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T Android 8.0 Open Beta Released

The First Android 8 [Oreo] Released as it was promised before the End of 2017.
Includes many Android 8 [Oreo] features with Latest Android security patches which was released in early December 2017.
The Official Oreo released will be launched for the Phone in early 2018.

As android fanatics already know [if you didn’t knew then you do now!] that the First OxygenOS Android 8 Oreo Beta for OnePlus 5T was promised to be released before the End of the year 2017. Well, OnePlus has kept their promise and now the First Android 8 Oreo Open Beta build is available on the company’s website for you guys to download and test it.

OnePlus 5T Android 8.0 Open Beta Released

In OxygenOS beta, which is based on Android 8 Oreo, OnePlus 5T gained lots of improvements and new features. According to the changelog, this beta adds features like improved auto-fill, new quick setting design, picture-in-picture mode, smart text selection, not to forget the latest December 2017 Android Security Patches.

The Phone’s Launcher is also affected in this Beta release, by optimizing the shortcut style of apps, with combining app shortcuts with icons options. The Owners of OnePlus 5T can also upload Photos to Shot on OnePlus with this New Beta Release.

To find out about how to install the first Open Beta Build, you can check this OnePlus’ forum here. If you end up installing this Beta Build, OnePlus would like you to fill out aUI/UX Survey and Report any Bugs you experience. As it is already mentioned many times already that it is Beta Build so if you want to download and install it, you could experience some bugs and even some performance issues.

OnePlus 5T has joined the previous OnePlus 5 in getting Oreo beta public builds. Both OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T are expected to finally get the Stable Oreo releases in Early 2018[This Year!]. The Official Android 8 Oreo for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are already available.

Thats all folks for now, Stay tuned for more updates and releases. Thanks

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