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2017’s Biggest errors in the tech world

2017’s Biggest errors in the tech world


2017 is done and dusted but a memorable one in terms of the love and hate relationship we've had with the tech world. Manufacturers promise that 2018 will be a year of innovation, flagship new devices, and unparalleled breakthroughs. However, the past year also offered flopped products, shocking decisions, and perplexing mistakes. Let’s examine some shall we? 

Apple’s confirmation backfiring 


The fiasco that drove Apple’s not so squeaky-clean reputation further into the ground. All this came about once a Reddit user figured out that Apple is slowing down older iPhones via software updates. This led to Apple coming out from behind the curtain and confirming they did so but for the sake of their iPhone’s lifespan and definitely not to push people to get new ones. That didn’t go to well with their consumers and no one was buying whatever fantasies Apple was selling. This confirmation just fueled the conspiracy theories many people had been holding onto for so long. Apple then had to apologize for what they had done and promised to be more transparent in the future. Read all about it here.

Google’s realization that hardware is just as important


Google came face to face with a problem they didn’t think they had. When the Pixel 2 XL got in the consumers hands, it was stormed with bad press. Many problems like a subpar display, hardware issues, and outlandish supply chain failures which included shipping phones without the OS. Pixel 2 XL is no ordinary phone (in terms of $), it’s a $800 flagship that was supposed to exhibit Android at its finest and prove to the world that Google is in it to win it…. that didn’t go as planned.

Struggling Samsung Bixby


Samsung’s desire to compete with other tech giants led to their attempt at an AI that just wasn’t good enough. The Korean giant found itself unprepared to face off with Google, Amazon, or even Apple when it comes to developing helpful AI based intelligent assistants with bearable names. Samsung’s Bixby arrived with the Galaxy S8, but it was clear from the beginning that Google Assistant and Alexa are miles ahead. What’s worse is that Samsung insisted on a dedicated hardware button for the half-baked Bixby and that just didn’t fly well with the consumers.

Snap snapped due to overconfidence 


Snap ridiculously over estimated demand for its Spectacle camera glasses. They started selling their product through vending machines in selected locations around the world. The hype that came about led the company to go all in on the concept thinking “who doesn’t want cameras in their glasses?”.
However, a few months later the company admitted that actually people just weren’t that into their product as they’d hoped. The Spectacles cost snap $40 million which is an equivalent of over 300,000 units of unsold inventory. 

Blu caught red handed


They did it again, the devices from this budget phone maker were found to send data to servers in China and were suspended from sale from Amazon. After a few weeks Amazon reinstated Blu products but Blu was no longer a part of the Amazon prime exclusive program. How the company stays afloat after getting busted for spy-ware in 2016 and 2017 is a shocking surprise to everyone. 

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