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Apples Apology After the iPhone Slowdown Scene

Apple's Apology After the iPhone Slowdown Scene

Apple apology after iphone slowdown - androidnewsgator

The consumers spoke and the tech giant listened and responded with an apology for the iPhone slowdown drama.  The apology was accompanied with an offer for battery replacements at a small cost of $29 throughout the coming year. Apple published a letter to their customers in which they apologized for the misunderstanding related to older iPhones being slowed down. They also said they are aware that some of their customers think that Apple has let them down and that they are sorry.

Apple apologize After iPhone Slowdown issue

Apple is offering anyone with an iPhone 6 and older a battery replacement for $29. This offer will commence in late January through December 2018. Usually this replacement costs $79 so this is a discounted offer. Make sure to avail it. They also promised to add more features to the iOS that will dispense more information about the battery health early 2018. This will help the users be aware of when their batteries are no longer able to support maximum phone performance. A decade ago when the first iPhone came out, Apple didn’t think most iPhone batteries would need to be replaced. A notable change in attitude around iPhone batteries.

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Most iPhone users have long believed that Apple somehow slows their older iPhones to drive up sales for the new ones. Apple just made matters worse by revealing new information how they manage performance. All this led to lawsuits and tons of news articles bashing them. This fiasco wouldn’t have been this crazy had Apple clearly disclosed what they were doing behind closed doors instead of a developer bursting through the doors and learning about this leading to the iPhone drama. Apple continues to insist that “This feature’s only intent is to prevent unexpected shutdowns”. They repeatedly say that they aren’t artificially slowing down phones, they just aggressively manage phone performance to beef up the lifetime of the iPhone batteries. According to Apple: iPhones with older batteries may also more vigorously dim their screens, have lower maximum speaker volumes, and even have their camera flashes disabled when the system needs more peak power than the battery can provide. But other core features, like the cell radio, GPS, and camera quality, aren’t affected, Apple says.

This latest fiasco puts Apple in a tight spot and it will take a while to win back their users trust. Not only was this story all over every tech related news site ever, it also got onto local news and morning talk shows where all they did was tarnish the company’s reputation. A hard asphalt road with the sun glistering down ahead for Apple.